12 years ago, two creatures lived in harmony- Pokémon & their Trainers. One such Trainer loved his Pokémon with all his heart & gave all of them Names & Personality. These names include Pokémon like: Grousiin the Torterra, Sparky the Luxray, Messy the Jolteon, Ailey the Espeon & Emiliano the Eevee-Espeon. Together, they were unstoppable. However, Team Plasma’s Boss, Ghetsis, found LuxrayBlast residing in Chiyeko Kingdom. LuxrayBlast had no way to win this time. Soon, Ghetsis won the fight & sealed the trainer in the Sinnoh’s Mount Coronet. He kept Emile to be raised in a Foster Family. Emile was aging. Meanwhile, Spear left to go find LuxrayBlast. He was sad & alone. No one was any fun to bully because no one would cry. Spear never returned. Emile was wondering where was when he turned 6. Emiliano left at 12 years old being one of few Pokémon Ghetsis never sealed away.


Name the Fallen Eevee

SPEAR- The True Name

Spear (Emiliano): I need Mommy Tinsle & Daddy Messy. Ghetsis that Bully… I’m 12 years old now & I’m homesick. My 13th Birthday is soon, but, I don’t wanna grow up anymore!

LuxrayBlast: Heya! I’m LuxrayBlast! LuxrayBlast the Stellarine. You’re new to the Underground aren’t you?

Spear (Emile): Master Lux! I missed you SO much!

LuxrayBlast: YOU missed ME? Sorry to do this, but, here in the underground, it’s tradition to teach newcomers the ropes. You look familiar, but, I doubt I’d remember you.


LuxrayB: Do you see that heart in that box there? That’s your SOUL. The culmination of your being. You’re so weak right now, but, gather up some LV to become stronger!

Spear (Emile): LV? Levels?

LuxrayB: LOVE of course! Here, have some friendliness stars!

Spear (Emile): Tha- (-19 HP) OW!

LuxrayB: You’re SO stupid. In this world, it’s KILL OR BE KILLED! Die! -Gets hit by Psychic-

Ailey: You poor thing, getting bullied by a sad creature. Don’t be afraid. I’m Ailey. Caretaker of the Ruins. Follow me home.

To be Continued...