Emile: -Slays the last Pokemon before Ailey- No….. Level 3?! This can’t be…


Ailey: Why do you look like you’ve seen a Ghost?


Emile: I’m sorry, Ms Ailey! -Attacks her-

Ailey: You really hate me, don't you? Now, I know who I was protecting by keeping you here. Not you, but, them. No... I will not let any more lives be taken. Nor, will I let another child leave. You foolish Pokemon, You leave no choice! I, Queen Ailey Munitalp the Espeon, will not let you continue your killing spree. All Pokemon deserve MERCY!!!!! You're too weak to survive out there, but, you can't flee this FIGHT. I gave you the chance to do so.

Emiliano: -FIGHTing until Ailey is dead-

Ailey: -reached 0 HP- heh. D- doomie… be safe please.

Snowdin Path

William: you’re about to fight messy soon. listen, if you continue on this path- you’re going to have a Bad Time.


Messy: Please, let me help you on the path to righteousness, young one!


Messy offers his mercy.

Emiliano: D- daddy! I’m so sorry… -Kills Messy-

Messy: Owwie! Heh. I- I’m not going down that easily. Looks like I’m wrong to believe there’s good in everyone I see.

Emiliano: -FIGHTs until his daddy is done for-

Messy: No…


Tinsle: We’re closed, but, I’ll serve you.


Emiliano: M- Mommy Tinsle… I didn’t want to do this. -Kills Tinsle-

Tinsle: -Falls on the ground- owwie… I couldn’t stand a chance… Mama Mizuki is tougher than nails, good luck.

After all the countless deaths (Currently LV 8.5), in Tinsle’s

Emiliano: What am I doing?! I- I can’t… believe- I just…. killed my parents out of cold blood.