Welcome to the Luxraytale Series AUs Wiki

Welcome to the Luxraytale Series AUs Wiki! This wiki is for the Undertale AU Luxraytale and it's AUs (Luxraytale, LuxrayFell, LuxrayShift and LuxraySwap), and also other AUs with Pokémon such as LucaTale with LucariotheSkeleton & MentalTale with Buster, Lua & Luca.

Please do not add NSFW AUs.

Chat Rules:

  1. Be very nice to everyone
  2. No Cursing, if you're in this wiki chat & you curse, you'll be warned. If you need to vent you may curse.
  3. Absolutely no talking about violence, unless you want to vent, feel free to do so.
  4. You may talk about other non-LuxrayTale AUs, excluding the Lust Series.
  5. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
  6. After 3 warnings, you will not be kicked unless you violate a 4th time. Same goes for kicks, if you are kicked 4 times, you will be banned. A ban will not happen on your 3rd Kick. All Warnings & kicks will carry to the next day, they reset after a week.
  7. You are allowed to RP, only in PMs. If you use the main chat to RP, do it when no one is having a conversation.
  8. Don't judge LuxrayBlast for his strange liking to diapers. Don't say he wears them in real life, because you will be dead wrong. That will be an instant kick. Skipping the 4 Warnings. If you already have a kick, instant ban for 30 minutes. If you ask him about it, you won't be kicked as long as he's respected for his differences.
  9. Venting is allowed. Don't judge anyone because of their covers.

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