Side quests in LuxrayTale add more depth to the Characters with various quests. This will occur only in the True Pacipaw run. Since these are Quest Givers, they will not have Extra Info. All Info is on their LuxrayTale Pages.

SQ 1- Ailey: After the duel with messy, head back to the ruins, there, Ailey will ask you to go shopping with her to buy groceries. She ask for you these items: Max potion, Antidote and Chocolate.

Reward: HP up

SQ 2- Chrome: After lazing in Chrome house with the Ghastly Umbreon, go back to Ailey's house. There, Chrome will ask if you want to hang out with him & Ailey. He'll ask for the following things: A hug, Sandwich, Mustard & Mayonnaise.

Reward: DoomFlame's Spare Sword (Bronze Sword)

SQ 3- Mizukiton: After battling Mizukiton, go back to DeepFreeze's lab & talk to her. She'll ask you to talk to Messy. Head to Snowdin & tell Messy his Mother wanted to see him, then he'll ask you to Babysit Lunar afterward.

Reward: Psychic Type Diaper

SQ 4- Ronin: After the battle with Mizukiton, head to MZT Resort's Emporium to chat with Ronin. He'll mention he ran out of Diapers & needs a change from Mizuki. He'll ask if you can get Tinsle to spare some of her diapers, but, not to tell her why.

Reward: Steak in the shape of DeepFreeze

SQ 5- Sumbra: After completing the True Lab's Events, by returning to the room he fought the player in, Sumbra will ask the player to see if they can find Sumbra Jr/ Sumbress (Depending on who the player took a liking to & saved), a loving home. The player can return to the ruins where Ailey is. There, Ailey will have Chrome over. During Sumbra's Side Quest, the player can ask Ailey to adopt one the Eevee that doesn't have a loving home. She'll go see Sumbra to get the poor Eevee.

Reward: Dark Type Matchup

SQ 5- Sumbra ALT: If the player helps both Eevee giving them a home with the player, Sumbra will ask the Player to help him find a home for himself. The player may offer to be his new owner in return for letting the player save both Sumbra Jr & Sumbress. Sumbra Jr & Sumbress can also be strong allies in battle. During the fight with Grandmaster DoomFlame, they can help get in Extra damage with Helping Hand. During the Fight with Omega LuxrayBlast, the Eevee(s) will add in Extra Damage to the player's attacks. In the fight with LuxrayBlast Koritsu (True Pacifist), the Eevees are supporters of the player who can provide extra healing items like pies, candy, leftovers, etc, that will be great to heal with when LuxrayBlast does loads of damage.

Reward: Sumbra as a Partner

Ailey & Mizukiton Art by TehShinySylveon

Chrome Art by Starry-the-Jolteon

Ronin Art by PaddedVeepaws/ MattTheUmbreon

Sumbra Art by Cloud9Vee.