Tinsle Kageyuki Freeze is Messy's Wife and part of his Mother's Family being the Youngest daughter. Here, she runs Tinsle's. She has a regular Customer: William, Her Brother in paw.

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A Baby Jolteon who wears Diapers, has a Deer Tail, Pink Booties, A Blanket, A Jolteon Plushie, Pacifier and Ribbon around her neck.

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A Motherly Baby Jolteon, who may not seem strong, but, she's willing to fight if threatened. She always has diapers on hand & is willing to invite the player to a playdate in the back of her restaurant after the William hangout. In the back of her place she lets customers take as many Diapers as they want for their journey. If Spoken to after having an accident, she'll offer to change the player's Diaper & bottle feed them.

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Messy Edit

Her Husband who wants to capture a trainer to bring to the King. She sees him when he comes by. She misses having her little Emiliano with her & wants to finally reunite with her Parents, Kaleidoscope & Ronin.

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Brother & Royal Scientist

Mizuki Edit

Big Sister who was turned into a robot. She even mentions that Mizuki was underestimated because she's a female Umbreon, but, when it came to her big sister, she's the strongest; not even a single blow would finish Mizuki off.

LuxrayBlast Edit

Adopted Father who died helping Spear get back to the surface.

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  • Tinsle is the mascot for LuxrayTale.