Scar is the Captain of the Eevee Royal Guard in LuxrayTale, being the OC in Undyne's Placement; he's always using Swift to attack & NEVER giving up, he's not going to accept regular mercy, but, by running until he passes out will allow you to pour water on his head to spare him.

Scar in the No Mercy run is called Scar the Eclipsed Eevee Warrior, he's equal to Undyne the Undying, but, Swift is switched with Trump Card.

The Scarred Eevee Warrior is ready.

Art by TehShinySylveon on Deviantart.

Before battle Dialogue (Pacipaw/ True Pacipaw):

Hey, I'm impressed you survived this long. If I knew any better, I would've taken your SOUL to our Great Tactician before. I see you are determined, but, I'm going to tell you the tale of our species. It began 12 years ago.......... No... You know what? Why should I tell you this when you're going to Faint?! Grrrrrrrrr! Step forward when you're ready to FIGHT me! Bring it on!

Battle (P/ TP):

En garde! If you can't face danger coming at you, you'll never survive! You. Will. Never. Spare. Me! DeepFreeze's TV shows made me think Eevee from the overworld were happy. I can see I was living a fantasy. You must've been having an awful life. I have no sympathy for you. It's worse here than there. We made this place work as our home. But, I have determination too! Determination so this FIGHT will end! How are you alive? I've thrown everything I have at you! So just faint already!

Battle after fleeing once:

Hey! I'm not down with you yet! You're green, which means no running! Face me like a warrior!

Battle after fleeing twice:

Stop running already!

Battle after fleeing three times:

You've run away for the LAST time!

In hotlands:

My armor.... is getting heavy.... but, I can't.... give up....

Dialogue (NM):

Yeah, I'm alright, Lunar... run right now that's an order, maggot. "I'm alright?" With a single hit, I'm already... darn it all......... no. There's a burning feeling in my heart that isn't being quenched. That flame- it's the flame that powers one thing: DETERMINATION. The reason my body hasn't split into a million pieces is because I was warned about you from a stellarine- my trainer. Right now, I feel the hearts of everyone- beating as one. With a single goal: To slay you. You're a beast. Eevee- no, whatever you are- I, Scar the Eevee Warrior, will strike you down!

Eclipsed Warrior Scar:

You'll have to try harder than that!