Ronin is the Burgerpants for LuxrayTale, he serves sweets & salads from the underground's fresh produce, he was hired by his sister as the waiter for MZT Resort, he also serves Pies in the shape of Mizuki's Face. He's friendly, but, if you anger him, it's all over. He participates in Mizukiton's Tournament during a True Pacifist Run. He will assist the player during the tournament until it's time to fight him. He's a very kind Jolteon, but, in a no mercy run, you're his enemy & will fight the player once his entire Family has been defeated: Messy, Tinsle, Lunarous, DeepFreeze, William & Mizukiton. He'll gladly serve you, but, will not bring you food, but, pain- pain for killing his whole Family. His Diapers are the same as Tinsle's Diapers.

Ronin will have a sidequest after the fight with his sister, saying he told Mizuki it'd be fine for him to stay in a messy diaper longer, he deserves it after teasing her as a child. He'll ask you to get him some diapers from Tinsle, but, tells you not to tell her why, just to ask her for some diapers. Once Tinsle gives you an entire pack, you must go back to Ronin to give him the diapers so he can get a diaper change from Mizuki.