Messy Freeze is LuxrayTale's Papyrus, he's the younger Brother to William Freeze; he's trying to capture a trainer or Pokemon for Scar; his goal is to be part of the Eevee Royal Guard, then he'll take them to the capital for their SOUL. But, after That he hasn't planned anything else; he loves puzzles & his favorite food is Mac & Cheese. He doesn't know that Scar will NEVER let him be in the guard because of his innocence & kindness, even though he's very capable of Fighting.

During the fight, by flirting with him, he will Date the player or after a no mercy route, hangout with them.

He was born in a custom made DeepRealm his father made himself.

Trivia Edit

  • It will be possible to fight Messy in the Judgement Hall, after 3 consecutive No Mercy Runs, where he'll be saved by William before he's killed by the player. Messy's Disbelief Theme is Shocked. It's Disbelief with Shocktrousle.