DeepGlare Siikin Freeze or DeepFreeze, is the Alphys of LuxrayTale, he's a Glaceon who put himself under Super Training to achieve his Speed Stat that he knows will help him in fights, but, he's also married & has two sons, Messy & William, as well as his Grandsons, Lunar & Emiliano. He watches Baby Shows, but, tells Scar that they are shows that "tell the truth about trainers", when he's trying to get Scar to watch TV with him. He really wants to be friends with Scar, but, is afraid Scar won't see DeepFreeze as an adult if he finds out that DeepFreeze watches Baby Cartoons. DeepFreeze also wears Diapers because of his loss of bladder control, meaning sometimes he can't hold it and will go in his Diaper.

On the No Mercy Route, after Defeating Tinsle, Mizuki, Messy & William; by going to the top floor of DeepFreeze's lab, he'll ensue a vengeance fight to bring his loved ones back. He's also an opponent in Mizukiton's Tournament during a True Pacipaw run. He'll have the similar theme to "DOOMFLAME MUNITALP" called "DEEPFREEZE".

Original Art by TehShinySylveon on Deviantart.

Diaper Art by Ya-King in Deviantart.