LuxrayTale is an Undertale AU where the main Characters are Pokemon OCs belonging to LuxrayBlast on Deviantart.

the Pokemon Franchise belongs to Nintendo & GameFreak.

Notable Changes Edit

General Changes Edit

  • There are more bosses in the Genocide Route.
  • The True Pacifist Route is named the True Pacipaw run.
  • The True Pacipaw run has Side Quests that are available when certain things are done.
  • After the True Pacipaw Route, you get a few new Characters in the story with the Challenge Mode Story. Some stay the same.

True Pacipaw/ Pacipaw: Edit

No Mercy Route: Edit

Character Changes Edit

  • The Protagonist/Player Character Role is taken by Emiliano.
  • The Empty One & Soulless Angel Role is taken by LuxrayBlast.
  • The Caretaker Role is taken by Ailey.
  • The Judge Role is taken by William.
  • The Ambitious Role is taken by Messy.
  • The Captain of the Guard Role is taken by Scar.
  • The Royal Scientist Role is taken by DeepFreeze.
  • The Celebrity Role is taken by Mizukiton.
  • The Monarch Role is taken by DoomFlame.
  • The Fallen Role is taken by Spear.
  • The Repetitive Vender Role is taken by Shannon.
  • The Restaurant Owner Role is taken by Tinsle.
  • The Outrageous Vender Role is taken by Sumbra.
  • The Idoliser Role is taken by Lunar.
  • The Oppressed Vender Role is taken by Ronin.
  • The Forgotten Scientist Role is taken by Eudora Freeze created by UndertaleTrash3.

Character Changes in Challenge Mode is Unlocked by Doing a True Pacipaw RouteEdit

  • The Soulless Angel/ Empty one Role is Suizuki Koritsu instead of LuxrayBlast.
  • The Captain of the Guard is Adeline instead of Scar.
  • The Judge Role is Kaleidoscope Freeze instead of William.
  • The Idoliser Role is Stella instead of Lunar.
  • The Ambitious Role is Buster Freeze instead of Messy. Calls himself Fiery Buster.
  • The Forgotten Scientist Role is now DeepFreeze's Father, AquaNeo.
  • Boss Themes are now changed in Fem!Luxraytale.

Art by AnySketches on Deviantart.

Possible Changes Edit

Mascot Edit Edit

LuxrayTale's Mascot is none other than LuxrayBlast's Daughter, Tinsle. She has the Restaurant Owner Role in LuxrayTale.