LuxraySwap is an AU of LuxrayTale & Underswap where all the characters are swapped around.
  • William is now the ambitious one.
  • Messy is now Lazy.
  • Sumbra is now to silient Waiter.
  • Tinsle is looking to give Eevees new parents.
  • DoomFlame is the Savior of the Ruins.
  • Ailey is now the Queen.
  • Mizuki is now deceased.
  • Chrome is now the Star.
  • DeepFreeze is Captain of the Guard.
  • Scar is the Royal Scientist.
  • Lunar is now the Empty one.
  • LuxrayBlast is the one who idolizes DeepFreeze.
  • Shannon is now the Oppressed Vendor.
  • Ronin is now the Repetative Vendor.