LuxrayShift follows the Storyshift formula where everyone is Switched in a sequence that is easy to explain. The only ones not to be switched are Emiliano, Lunar, Ronin, Eudora, Tinsle, Sumbra & Shannon.

Emiliano is still the player Role like in LuxrayTale & LuxrayFell.

Chrome is now the empty and soulless angel role

DeepFreeze isn't deceased like Chrome & Mizuki in LuxrayTale (Chrome) & LuxraySwap (Mizuki), but, is the incorporeal role.

Messy in LuxrayShift is the Caretaker Role & loves to suck on his paci when he sleeps.

Spear is the Lazy Judge Role.

LuxrayBlast is the Ambitious, but, big-hearted to-be-guard Role.

Ailey is The Captain of the Guard Role.

DoomFlame is the Royal Scientist Role.

Scar is now the Celebrity Role & Runs "Scar's Boot Camp/ Spa Resort".

Mizuki is the Fallen Role & is 100% flesh.

William is now the Monarch Role & wears shorts over his diapers.