This is the page of Lucario the Skeleton's OC/ the User, Lucario the Skeleton.

About Luca Edit

Luca is a Lucario who had previously died, but, then revived as a Skeleton in a world with other Skeletons. Luca later ran into, who would be his future Wife, Derpy. Luca used to be a Fighting/ Steel Type Pokemon, but, after his revival, his Type changed to Normal/ Ghost. Luca is the Founder of UTAU Ships Wiki. He is the king of Ships.

Shipping Preferences Edit

Luca is ok with being shipped with anyone, unless Derpy says otherwise. He's also ok with being shipped with other characters. He prefers being a Sub part of a Ship over a dominant. He likes cute/ kawaii ships. He's also a proud Bi.

Shipping Dislikes Edit

People Derpy dislikes.

Art by Lucariotheskeleton.

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